COVID-19 Policies

In this crazy time, Littleton Ballet Academy is taking many precautions against COVID-19.  We have smaller class sizes, staggered start times, and are regularly cleaning and sanitizing throughout the building. We are also practicing contact tracing.

Wear Your Mask

Make sure to wear your mask into the building. ALL dancers will need to wear masks during classes as well in classes Ballet 2 and higher although it is HIGHLY recommended for all students. All instructors will also be wearing masks. Make sure you wear one that is comfortable to dance in and that will stay on.

Dance Ready Rule

Please arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your class.  All dancers must come dressed in dance clothes with outside clothes pulled over. Please bring your dance shoes (don’t wear them outside). You will go directly to your studio. The backroom and couches are off-limits. Changing in the bathroom is also not allowed. During this time, parents and other family members will not be allowed in the studio.


Temperature Check

All dancers will have their temperatures checked before coming into the studio. If you are not feeling well, PLEASE DO NOT come to class! Do not stand in the sun or sit in a hot car directly before having your temperature taken-it will affect your reading.


Arrive on Time, Be Picked Up on Time

We need all dancers to arrive on time and be picked up on time


Make Sure to Sanitize

Make sure you sanitize your hands once you get into the building.


Socially Distanced Studio

The studios have been taped to ensure social distancing. You will put your belongings in the cubbies in the studio.


Restroom Policy

Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time.


Bag Drop and Water Bottles

Please put your dance bag securely in the cubbies inside the studio one at a time. Water bottles should be socially distanced along the walls of the studio near where you are standing. 


Don’t Forget to Update Your Policy Agreement

All families must accept the updated policies prior to attending in-studio classes. Go to the Family Portal to do this.  If you have already registered for classes, you have completed this step.