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Guide to Registration

How do I know what to register for?

18 months to 3.5 years                                             Dance With Me

3 to 4.5 years                                                            Pre-Ballet with Tap 1

4.5  to 6 years                                                           Pre-Ballet 2 with Tap 2

5 to 6 years (going into kindergarten.                                        Pre-Ballet 3  with Tap 3

with previous experience)

6 to 12 years (must be entering first grade or higher

with no previous experience)                                                         Ballet 1 (can also do Beginning Tap)

13 years and older with no experience.                  Adult Beginning Ballet

Ages 7 and older with experience should call or email to arrange a trial class

All new students receive a free trial class

We accept new students year-round.  Register for classes today!

Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

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Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

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