Open Class Division

The Open Class Division offers supplementary classes to all dancers to help them become well-rounded dancers.  All girls are required to take ballet (except dancers in the Adult Division) and may opt to add open classes as well.  Boys are not required to take ballet but it is highly recommended.


Broadway-style from beginning to advanced beginning at Ballet 1. Students typically spend three or more years in each level. 



Broad-spectrum of New York style jazz from lyrical to Fosse. Levels beginning to advanced starting at Ballet 2.


Based on release type modern and borrows aspects of Horton, Cunningham, and Limon techniques. Beginning at Ballet 5C.


Focuses on exercises designed to help stretch and strengthen a dancer's body. For dancers Ballet 3 and higher and is mandatory for dancers who are going on pointe or who are on pointe. 

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre class introduces dancers to musical theatre style dance. Open to dancers in Ballet 3 to Ballet 7. 

Add additional dance classes

$20 per class type per month when taking unlimited ballet or 
$30 per class type per month when taking one ballet per week

Please note: Conditioning is included in the tuition for Ballet 4 and higher

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Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong