Pre-Professional Ballet Division

The Pre-Professional Ballet Division is designed to give aspiring students the highest quality training focusing on clean technique, pointe work, and developing artistry.  The class emphasizes classical epaulement, artistry, fluidity and strength in adagio and precision in both turns and allegro steps.

​Ballet 6
Advanced class.  Five classes per week required. 

Tuition: $280/month for unlimited ballet, conditioning, and two additional classes (Tap, Jazz)


Ballet 7
Pre-professional Class. Six classes per week required.

Tuition: $310/month for unlimited ballet and unlimited additional classes


Ballet 8
Pre-professional Class. Six classes per week required. 

Tuition: $310/month for unlimited ballet and unlimited additional classes

Dress Code

All girls in Pre-Professional Division
Plain light pink convertible dance tights
Pink split sole ballet shoes with elastic strap

Hair for ballet should be worn back in a classical bun on the back of the head with a hair net or bun cover and secured with bobby pins.   Students with short hair should use a headband to keep hair off face.

All boys in Pre-Professional Division

White t-shirt

Black ballet tights

Dance belt

Black ballet shoes with elastic strap



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Pre-Professional Division at Littleton Ballet Academy.jpg

Photo by Francisco Estevez