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We have tried a few studios around the southwest metro-area, and we are so happy to have landed at Littleton Ballet Academy. They have provided an excellent in-class experience for our children and we were also very impressed with the school performance this past June.

We have watched the Littleton Youth Ballet storybook ballet and Nutcracker performances in the past and we knew they could put on a great show, but now that we are no longer outside looking in, it is confirmed LBA provides a nice experience for performers and their families as well. There were a number of things we loved about participating in the performance that we haven’t seen elsewhere: We liked that we didn't have to purchase a costume to be worn just once. The whole process was beyond organized. (They even managed every kid’s lipstick on a special board where they were all labeled with the dancers’ names and clipped up to be applied by backstage helpers). We really liked the attention to safety: this is the only studio we have attended that requires backstage helper volunteers to be background checked. They very meticulously instructed parents on what was expected of performers (i.e. no tattoos, glitter or jewelry, exactly which make-up colors to apply, etc.) which led to a show that really was of a more professional caliber, even with small kids. The performance location and ticket price were very manageable. And we LOVED that the performance only ran two hours! (We have been through the five-hour marathon shows!—Ugh!). The choreography was really refreshing: it focused on technique and showcased ability and strength.

More than anything though, we especially love the culture of the studio. It is clear the expectations are high, but that the kids are SO loved. And, when I watch the big kids around the studio or on stage, they represent what I want my little girls to become: respectful, prompt, kind towards one another, graceful and poised, physically strong and fit, happy, and truly technically capable dancers.

                                                                                                                                                                      Tara M, mother of two LBA dancers

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Baseball Ballet Littleton Ballet Academy

Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

Gingerbread Littleton Ballet Academy

Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

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